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  • Todi's Barber Shop
    Todi's Barber Shop
    THE Gentleman CAVE
    We offer new and traditional haircuts and beard trims in a friendly comfortable atmosphere.
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  • TODI'S
    About Todi's Barbershop
    I remember my first visit to a Barbershop with my dad. Seating on the enormous chair feeling so big and important.
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  • Happy & Fun Team
    Happy & Fun Team
    Meet Captain Todi and the pirate crew that stand behind Todi's Barbershop.
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If you consider yourself as a barber with experience and you need a full-time or part-time job, please feel free to contact us by e-mail: info@todis-barbershop-berlin.de

Be a part of a dynamic and professional team at Todi´s Barbershop!
Something about us
More then just a Barber Shop

It was the place on the corner where my dad went on Friday evening and Tuesday morning. The big bright and always clean window was perfect for young girls to use as a mirror and for us kids to look thru as Alice, and see all those grown-ups wonders. By night when all light in the street goes dark, corner barbershop was full of life.

Sometimes it was a really loud place full of laughter, sometimes it was covered with sorrow and silence. It was always a place where people come to share. I remember my first visit to a Barbershop with my dad. Seating on the enormous chair feeling so big and important. I was steering in the big mirror and seeing reflexion of my father's proud face. Wals was covered with old photos and behind every one of them was a story about people, places but most of all about friends. Those stories were ready to be told and I was willing to hear them out. From that day on Tuesday morning was time reserved for me and my dad and Todi barber.

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Professional service in unique and traditional environment. Check out our prices and come to visit us!

For your head
  • Individual approach and consulting
  • Refreshing timeless experience
  • Free drink or ice-cream
For your face
  • All in one package
  • Individual approach and consulting
  • Free drink or ice-cream




Mon to Friday: From 10 to 20h


Saturday: From 10 to 18h


Todi's Barbershop stands for authenticity, excellent service and a world only for men. The waiting times shortened Todi through PlayStation 4, poker games, chess, free drinks and much more!


FOR MORE INFO CALL +49 30 91477771 or fill out the form!

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