It was the place on the corner where my dad went on Friday evening and Tuesday morning.

The big bright and always clean window was perfect for young girls to use as a mirror and for us kids to look thru as Alice, and see all those grown-ups wonders.

By night when all light in the street goes dark, corner barbershop was full of life.

Sometimes it was a really loud place full of laughter, sometimes it was covered with sorrow and silence. It was always a place where people come to share.

I remember my first visit to a Barbershop with my dad. Seating on the enormous chair feeling so big and important. I was steering in the big mirror and seeing reflexion of my father's proud face. Walls were covered with all those old photos and behind every one of them was a story about people, places and most of all about friend friends.

From that day on Tuesday morning was time reserved for me and my dad and Todi barber.

As time passed I was always coming back to the place on the corner of my street.

It was the place where I been before my first date and day before my wedding. Barbershop is the place where I went before my first big trip and the first place where I went after coming back to town.

If I been away for some time barbershop was the place where you could catch up on things that are going on in the neighbourhood.

Something like a time machine for a certain number of gentlemen.

I moved to the big city and I missed that shop that feeling that I belong to something and that something belongs to me.


We manage to bring back those times and memories, and adopt them for new time!

With traditional barbershop services and unique approach to our clients we created the Todi’s gentlemen’s cave. No matter if you are an old customer, or this is your first, we will treat you as real gentleman and offer you services on highest quality range by professional hairdressers and barbers.





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